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Enable Parallel Downloading in Pacman in Arch Linux

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·May 9, 2022·

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Enable Parallel Downloading in Pacman in Arch Linux

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Table of contents

  • What is Parallel Downloading?
  • Prerequisites
  • Enabling Parallel Downloading

What is Parallel Downloading?

Parallel downloading means, downloading more than 1 packages at the same time.

By default Parallel downloading is disabled in Arch Linux, so whenever you download packages using Pacman, it downloads each package one by one.


  • Pacman version 6.0 or higher You can check your pacman version by running
    $ pacman --version

Enabling Parallel Downloading

Open your terminal and type the following commands, I will explain what each command does step by step:

  1. /etc/pacman.conf is Pacman configuration file, open it in your preferred text editor, I will be using nano for the sake of this guide:

    $ sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf
  2. Find the following line and remove # from it's start; # means a line is commented

    # ParallelDownloads = 5

    It should now look like

    ParallelDownloads = 5

    2022-05-09__002.png 5 means that pacman should be able to download 5 packages at the same time. You can change that number depending on your preference.

  3. Press CTRL + O to save the file and CTRL + X to exit.

And that's about it.

Now when you use pacman, it will download 5 packages concurrently.

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